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Service Descriptions

60 Minute


Gift of Serenity

* Hot Tub

* 1 Hour Massage

* Paraffin Wax Treatment


Salt Glow Treatments
Our skin needs exfoliation from time to time. Clients talk about constantly applying lotion after a shower yet their skin continues to be dry and flaky. A Salt Glow treatment helps clean out the pores so when applying lotions at home the skin is nourished more effectively. The process has many stages. The skin is dry brushed and followed by a scrub. The scrub is a combination of high quality lotion combined with nutrient rich salt and if desired an essential oil chosen by client. After this, the person showers followed by a light massage. The skin has been invigorated, exfoliated and nourished. This is a wonderful treatment to do seasonally.

Hot Tub Sessions
Often times it is recommended that a client take a hot tub before their bodywork session. Immersion into the water helps helps warm up the muscles and aid in relaxation. This is a wonderful way to increase the depth and quality of the massage.

Facial Rejuvenation
For many people the head, face and neck are places where stress gets stored. A facial combined with energy work can help alleviate discomfort due to tension. Warm compresses, organic creams and a gentle mask are gently applied to the face before 18 energy points on the head. face and neck that lightly stimulated to help ease tension in those areas.At the completion of this session most often clients feel restful and renewed. They actually look younger as the stress has melted away.

Paraffin Wax
While receiving a bodywork session client can receive a paraffin treatment on their hands.The hands are immersed in warm wax and immediately placed in soft mitts. When the mitts are removed, the fingers have been renewed with an increase in circulation and the skin has been exfoliated. Luscious cream is the applied during a hand massage.This process will help to clean out the pores so when applying cream at home the skin is nourished more effectively.

90 Minute


30 Minute


Facial Rejuvenation


Gift of Tranquility

* Salt Glow Session

* 1 Hour Massage

* Paraffin Wax Treatment


Hot Stone


Salt Glow


Hot Tub


Gift of Balance

* Facial Rejuvenation

* 1/2 Hour Massage

* Paraffin Wax Treatment


Paraffin Wax Treatment


Gift of Clarity

* Salt Glow Session

* 1/2 Hour Facial Rejuvenation

* 1 Hour Massage
* Paraffin Wax Treatment